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Classic Conique cable rod set shown in a nickel finish, also available in brass.

Cable Wire Rod Sets with Brass and Nickel Finishes

  Enjoy the sleek look of European-styled cable wire curtain hardware to the window with any of the cable rod sets available in this system.  Taut and sturdy, yet barely there-a perfect complement to the whisper of a sheer or soft treatment.  The wire curtain rod is designed to be mounted on the inside of the window jamb or on facing walls, the cable rod system is custom fit when installed.  Nickel or Brass: a curtain rod system that makes the world feel a little smaller and the view seem larger.  Recommended for light weight draperies only.  16' of cable / wire included.  Easy installation instructions included.

  Cable rod curtain hardware is available as a wall mount or ceiling mount.

  Center support is recommended every 48". 

  Decorative Brass or Nickel plated components.

  Each wire/cable rod set includes:  Two finials, two base brackets, set screws, Allen wrench, & easy to follow instructions for mounting brackets of wire rod sets.

  Center supports are sold separately.

  Cable length is 16' (Can be easily cut to size with wire cutters).

  Cable is available in nickel finish only, and diameter is 0.10" (tenth of an inch)

  All mounting hardware (except center support), included with cable rod sets. 

  Rings are sold separately.  Rings are available in brass or stainless, with a pinch clip or eyelet.

   Installation hints:  Detailed installation instructions for Cable Rods.   (Try to install into wood stud)  Note:  If you use wall anchors, do not over tighten, you can pull brackets out of the sheet rock when tightening the cable. When cutting the cable, wrap it with masking tape to keep the steel strands from unraveling.  Components are plated finishes, not recommended for wet areas, showers, or outside use.  

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Cable Rod Installation
Cable Rods


Conique sets available in brass or nickel (shown in nickel). Bola sets available in brass or nickel (shown in brass).
Classic Cable Wire Sets Brass/Nickel Bola Cable Wire Sets Brass/Nickel


Specifications of end pieces, center supports, and rings for cable rod sets.
Accessories: Rings and Specifications

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Price List...

Item # Finish # Description Retail Price($)

Your Price($)

HBP0350 B,N Bolla Center Support (ea.) 56.00 43.60
HBA9432 B,N Bolla  Conique (kit) 175.01 145.88
HBA9433 B,N Bolla  Equerre (kit) 203.01 160.18
HBP0450 B,N Classic Center Support (ea.) 71.41 67.76
HBA9543 B,N Classic Conique (kit) 210.01 175.25
HBA9542 B,N Classic Equerre (kit) 224.01 185.40
HBP5290 B,N Loft Ring (ea.) 3.15 2.50
HAA1635 S,B Ring with Pinch Clip (bag of 10) 28.00 25.00
HAA1625 S,B Ring with Eyelet (bag of 10) 21.00 21.00
HBP5400 B,N S-Hook (ea.) 1.12 1.00

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