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Wood Drapery Hardware -  Kirsch Wood Trends Collection - The Industry Standard


Bravo Drapery Hardware Collection

Drapery Hardware from the Bravo Collection -1 1/2"  Prairie Finials and Rods  in Heritage Copper, Aged Wood, and Heritage Gold.  Hand Finished to Perfection.        Bravo decorative 2 inch drapery rods, rings, finials, tiebacks, holdbacks, and drapery hardware.

  Bravo Collection:  1 1/2" dia. finials and steel poles, or 2" dia. finials and steel poles.  Bravo's cast resin finials and steel curtain rods are made for larger scale designs, ideal for rooms with high ceilings, and grand window treatments.  These beautifully detailed finials add more design options and make it easier to find that right size, shape, and look for your window, offered in two diameters 1 1/2" or 2" rods, brackets, rings, and finials.  Check out our special double curtain rod brackets and ceiling mount brackets available in the 1 1/2" diameter rod collection.

Kirsch Buckingham Collection Fine Wood Drapery Hardware

Cross Geometric Finials - Kirsch Buckingham Decorative Drapery Rods

  Cast resin finials and wood poles in 2", and 3" diameters.  Rings finials, brackets, and holdbacks, each item hand-crafted, hand-finished for an elegance that is unmatched.  Decorative drapery hrdaware designed to stand alone or work in combination with the total window treatment, the look you create can be completely your own.  Items come in your choice of ten finishes, each as distinct as it is beautiful.  Fashion becomes form.  Windows become art.  The Buckingham Collection, a line truly worthy of the C.W. Kirsch name.  Not just another wood rod collection.

Simpliciti Collection

Nickel curtain rod with onyx rings.

  Custom cut curtain rods in nickel, onyx, and brass and accessories...Simpliciti Collection.  Beautifully designed finials and brackets for modern or traditional decor.  Unique bracketing system that allows for splicing rods together for extra wide treatments.

New Kirsch Scarf Curtain Hardware

Using holdbacks on an arched window.

  Scarfware™ Collection:  This expansive collection of scarfholders,  holdbacks, and  tiebacks presents the imagination with a limitless array of elegant yet functional, decorative drapery hardware designs to accentuate the beauty of any fabric draped windowscape.  Great for hanging swags and scarves.  Need an idea...look at our architectural drawings for some fun uses other than scarves or holdbacks.

'Ornametal' Decor

Decorative wrought iron finials, steel rods, rings, brackets.

  Steel Drapery Rods and Forged Finials  Creatively crafted in the Artisan Tradition, hand made and hand finished.  Accent your window treatment  with beautiful and functional drapery hardware.

Kirsch Wood Poles, Rings, & Finials

Oak Leaf Finial in Hazelnut Finish.

  Whether the look is simple or ornate, Kirsch's Wood Trends collection allows a mix and match of wood drapery rods with decorative finials for a look of classic elegance. 3", 2", and 1 3/8"  dia. wood poles and finials.  Many styles of finials offered - Viola finials, Lantana finials, Charleston finials, Raleigh finials, Chaucer finials, Scroll finials, Oak Leaf finials, Traditional finials, Ball finials, Sherwood finials, and Endcaps.  Several finishes to choose from.  Components -wood poles, rings, brackets, and finials sold separately.  New - Estate Wood Trends Traverse Rods

Infinette Collection

Double Curtain Rod Hardware Components

  Problem windows, no problem!  This drapery hardware collection has answers to those problem windows like Bay Windows, Arch Windows, Corner Windows, Double Rod installations, Extra Wide Windows, Angled Top Windows, and many more.  Beautiful finishes and a one of a kind bracket system.


Brass Drapery Hardware and Accessories

Brass and wood curtain rods, brass finials, rings and brackets.

  Custom cut brass drapery rods and brass accessories...Empire Collection.  1 1/8 diameter rodding with traditional brass finials.

Empress Wood Inlay

Beautiful inlay wood drapery rods.

  Fine wood drapery hardware, unique decorative inlay and beautiful "Old World" finishes.  The Empress Collection has it all.   1 3/8",  and 2 1/4" collections. 

Curtains Up Hardware

Decorative Drapery Rods

  1" diameter steel poles, wrought iron finials or resin finials, rings, brackets, and holdbacks.  Curtains Up is the market leader in the design and development of distinctive, high quality decorative metal drapery hardware.  We offer a complete range of styles and components tailored to meet the needs of today's discriminating and value conscious clients.  This collection also offers double rod brackets, for hanging two rods on one set of brackets and a swivel for those corner window treatments..  The simple shapes and classic finishes allow you to coordinate your fabric treatment and hardware to maximum effect.  Curtains Up curtain rods complements both traditional and modern decor.  Click here!

Kirsch Ripplefold Curtain Hardware

Kirsch Ripplefold Rods used in a corner window.

"Ripplefold® By Kirsch" click this link!

  Soft ripple-like folds flow smoothly from one end of the track to the other.  The effect is gently tailored-suitable for either commercial or residential installations.  Butt master carriers and swivel end carriers eliminate all "flat" drapery areas.

  There's no "wrong" side.  Folds are identically beautiful from inside the room or outside-an architectural advantage.  Headings, suspended under the track, cannot tip or sag, are always perfectly positioned and spaced. 

...less stackback...more light...

  Ripple-like folds stack back to very ends of track-actually take less width than conventionally pleated draperies.  More glass is exposed, so that more light can come in.  Using butt master carriers reduces stackback.

  Tailored fabric columns draw across glass or wall; can be cord operated, motorized or baton drawn.  Precise appearance inside and outside. Front-loading snap-on carriers and snap tape cut installation and maintenance time. Off the track, panels are flat.  Ripplefold tracks can be custom made for those extra long drapery hardware treatments to span 32' for a two way draw (split draw), using 16' for a one way draw, right and  left.  

Kosmo, Reflexion, Urban, and Masonic Hardware

Curtain rods, finials, brackets, & rings in brass, nickel, & onyx finishes.

  Custom cut curtain rods in nickel, onyx, and brass accessories.  Hard to find brass double rod brackets used for layering window treatments.

Kirsch Estate Traverse Rod Sets

Kirsch Estate Wood Trends Collection

  The Kirsch Estate Traverse Rods are available in a lower priced version- Kirsch Estate Wood Trends, or a higher end version- Kirsch Estate Ultra.  Both collections use a heavy duty track with a fascia in metal or wood.  Perfect for those extra long draperies that require heavy duty drapery hardware.  A wonderful collection of finials and finishes will complement most decors.   Decorative  rods are custom 'cut to measure' rod sets.  Most components are included with each rod set (brackets, cord, carriers, cord tensioners, etc...).  Finials are offered separately.

Wrought Iron Drapery Rods

Kirsch Decorative Wrought Iron Collection

  Kirsch Decorative Wrought Iron Curtain Hardware:  Old World Spanish influences embrace modern touches in the new Wrought Iron Collection.


Coming soon...

Fine wood drapery hardware from Gould of New York. Quality 'made in the USA', drapery rods, rings, finials, and brackets. Hand made wooden finials beautifully designed and finished will enhance any window treatment.

...Don't miss out.


Metal Drapery Hardware

Kaleidoscope Curtain Rods:

Custom Baton or Cord Draw Traverse Rods - Decorative 1 1/8" Dia. Rod Sets

Simpliciti Collection - Small 1" Dia. Nickel, Onyx, & Brass Curtain Rods

Empire Collection - Medium 1 1/8" Dia. Brass Drapery Rods 

Antiquities Collection - Medium 1 1/8" Dia. Brass Curtain Hardware

Traditional Collection - Large 1 1/2" Dia. Decorative Curtain Hardware

1 1/2" Dia. Wrought Iron Drapery Rods

Kosmo, Reflexion, Masonic, Urban - Medium 1 1/8" Dia. Nickel, Brass, & Onyx Curtain Rods

Brass or Antique Brass Tiebacks & Holdbacks - Window Accessories

Infinette - Curtain Hardware System

Cable Rod Sets-Wire Rods

Swing Arm Rod Sets - Crane Rods

Adjustable Rods and Curved Rod Sets - Small Dia. 1/2" Decorative Rod Sets

Kirsch Curtain Rods:

Designer Metals-Decorative Adjustable Traverse Drapery Rods

White Traverse Curtain Rods- Adjustable Rods

Scarfware, Swagholders, & Holdbacks - Complements Designer Metals

Kirsch Ripplefold Rod Sets - Traverse Rods

Wrought Iron Curtain Rods - 1" Dia. Steel Poles & Finials

Cord Draw Traverse Rod  - Heavy Duty Traverse Rod Sets

Baton Draw Traverse Rod - Heavy Duty Traverse Rod Sets

Wrought Iron Curtain Rods:

Ornametal Collection- Small 3/4" and 1" Dia. Steel Curtain Rods & Forged Iron Finials

Curtains Up - 1" Dia. Steel Curtain Rods and Finials

Bravo Collection Curtain Rods:

1 1/2" Dia. - Medium Steel Poles & Resin Finials

2" Dia. - Large Steel Poles & Resin Finials

Wood Drapery Hardware

Kirsch Drapery Hardware:

Estate Wood Trends Traverse Rods - 2" Dia. Heavy Duty Custom Traverse Rod Sets

1 3/8" Wood Trends - Small Dia. Wood Poles, Rings, and Finials (best used for stationary curtains)

2" Wood Trends - Medium Dia. Wood Poles, Rings, and Finials (best used for stationary curtains)

3" Wood Trends - Large Dia. Wood Poles, Rings, and Finials (best used for stationary curtains)

Estate Ultra Traverse Rods - 2" Dia. Wood Fascia - Heavy Duty Custom Traverse Rods

Kirsch Buckingham Collections:

2" Wood Rods & Finials - Medium Dia. Custom Finished Wood Poles, Rings, and Finials (best used for stationary curtains)

3" Wood Rods & Finials - Large Dia. Custom Finished Wood Poles, Rings, and Finials (best used for stationary curtains)

Decorative Scarfholders, Sconces, & Brackets - Custom Finished Sconces and Brackets

Holdbacks - Custom Finished Hold backs / Tiebacks

Empress Wood Rod Collections:

Empress Collection - Component Descriptions

1 3/8" Components  - Wood Poles, Rings, and Finials

2 1/4" Components - Wood Poles, Rings, and Finials

Compass - 1 3/8" Dia. Wood & Nickel Hardware
























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